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Prevent data breaches with our user-friendly and secure e-mail solution. Keep control over the confidential communication of your organization.


Secure Email

Communicate securely within your trusted Outlook environment.

Share Securely

Always send and receive (large) files in a secure way.


Comply with the GDPR and future privacy regulations.

Prevent data leaks with SmartLockr

Since the GDPR came into force on 25th May 2018, there has been over 160,000 data breaches reported across the 28 European Union Member States plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The Netherlands, Germany and the UK topped the table for the number of data breaches notified to regulators.



secure email

Our PLUG & PLAY solution reduces the chance of a data breach by 97%.

SmartLockr helps organizations by responding to three important pillars:


Communicate securely without disrupting your and your employees' work processes. Our solution is very user-friendly, which means that it is actually used.

Increasing awareness

If you, as a user, are more aware of what you are doing, the chance of an error is reduced. This can prevent data from being sent to the wrong person.

Comply with regulations

With the use of SmartLockr, you comply with regulations, like the GDPR. This means that you always work according to the applicable standards, without having to take extra measures.

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What our customers say

TRIP Advocaten & Notarissen
“A well-secured IT environment is very important at Trip because we work with client confidential information. SmartLockr offers us a good and safe method for sending files. ”
De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen
"SmartLockr Secure Mailing is an adequate solution that enables us to send (privacy) sensitive or confidential data of clients in an easy, professional and secure way."

“We were looking for a secure solution that was easy to implement in our organization. SmartLockr Secure Mail offers this, so the choice was easy. It has been introduced silently into our organization. "


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