Safe, swift, SmartLockr: data security without hassle

Fighting data breaches just got easy, thanks to a solution that's got your back on any device, at any time. Fully compliant with regulations such as GDPR.

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Data breaches occur faster than you think.
Our mission is to fight them


data breaches since the GDPR


is caused by human error


increase in the amount of fines

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Secure email and file sharing, the easy way

Our job is to focus on your security, so you can focus on your job.

Everyone can use SmartLockr. Zero tech savviness needed.

Benefit from the best data security, in your own familiar environment, such as Outlook (also in the browser), Gmail or on your mobile phone / tablet. 

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A secure email solution was already used within Novadic-Kentron. Unfortunately, this solution didn't always work.


As a healthcare organisation, the challenge was to find a solution that actually works in order to share sensitive, patient data.


"I actually looked for a package that has everything on the green light," says Stefan. 


For the municipality of Zeist, it was time to find an answer to the question: "Are there no better e-mail solutions on the market?


The current solution did what it was supposed to do, but was not user-friendly. Every user, no matter how tech-savvy, should be able to work with it with ease.


With SmartLockr, user-friendliness and secure communication come together: work processes within the municipality are simplified!


As market leader in child care, Partou wants to focus all of its energy on providing good care. Protecting a child's data, although not a core staple of any daycare centre, was clearly an important issue.


It wasn't just the prospect of monetary losses, but also the reputational damages and the need to provide children with adequate protection that led Partou to choose for secure emailing. Only problem, they were in the midst of a merger.


Partou benefitted from a smooth onboarding process, aided by their personal Customer Success Manager. The fact everyone at Partou is positive about using SmartLockr doesn't hurt either.


Het Zand is a healthcare organization that was looking for a solution so people could communicate easily and securely.


There was no solution for secure emailing. And then people started looking for "creative" solutions that didn't help with data security.


"The most important thing was to find a solution, which eventually everyone can work with. We see that users can work with SmartLockr."

66% of all data breaches are caused by a simple mistake.
Let us remove human error from the equation

 Automatically receive notification alerts when processing sensitive data.

Automatically receive notification alerts when processing sensitive data. Increase awareness while composing a message, prevent sensitive data from being sent insecurely.

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extra check on files and recipients

With an extra, automated check on files and recipients, you can be sure the correct data is sent to the correct recipients.

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track and block

Stay in control by tracking your sent emails. If necessary, you can block recipients, files or the entire email, even after sending.

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Stay in control of your data with Data Loss Prevention. Decide who can send what type of information and keep track of all activities with logs.


Comply with laws and regulations like the GDPR with a user-friendly solution

Encrypt your data in accordance with privacy regulations. Only you and the authenticated recipient(s) will have access.

Always choose appropriate security for your sensitive data. Compliance is made easy for you.


  • CISO

  • IT

  • End user

Save time and money with a solution that effectively prevents data leaks. You focus on your core business, we will do the rest.

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Manage data security risks. Be in line with regulations such as the GDPR.

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Simplify work processes with a secure email platform for your entire team. Less work pressure, more satisfaction: your team members will thank you.

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Preventing data breaches is one thing. Making it as easy as sending an email, that's SmartLockr.

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I have deliberately put people in my test group who I know don't like working with computers. I received no complaints from them either. That gives me the confidence that it is user-friendly for everyone in the organisation.
Sander Smit het zand
Secure communication is for everyone, even without technical knowledge. We make it easy for you with notifications, so you can prevent human error