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2013: AttachingIT is a fact

The voice of the digital age has been set. More and more organizations work digitally, whereby work processes can become easier and faster. Nevertheless, there are also risks involved, if we look at the security of data we process digitally. Our AttachingIT Secure Mail service was created based on this vision. The fact that we were admitted to Microsoft's prestigious growth program with AttachingIT indicated that there was a clear need for our service.

From different insights to a strong product

The end product is a high-quality solution that not only makes the e-mail traffic of organizations safer, but is also very easy to use. This minimizes the chance of human error.


How we help

Since then, we have devoted a great deal of time to finding clear needs within various sectors in order to further develop our service in a targeted manner.

Currently, more than 600 organizations and 100,000 users, use SmartLockr every day to proactively reduce the chance of data breaches within the organization.

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Mission and vision SmartLockr:

Preventing data leaks.

Safe communication must be possible for every organization. The right to privacy is of great importance and must be reflected in all work processes: when privacy-sensitive information is processed and shared, the right appropriate solution must be offered. We want to limit the digital dangers and ensure that organizations can focus on what they do best: the core business.




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