SmartLockr API

Integrate your systems with SmartLockr and ensure that you can securely send emails from your existing processes: easy and user-friendly.


What is an API?

API is an abbreviation and stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of definitions and ensures that different software systems (Interfaces) can communicate with each other and exchange data. Systems are not built to always be able to do this, which is why the API acts as an intermediary to make this integration possible. The API can also be seen as an extension of a particular system, in which the functionalities of one system can be used for another. Both systems therefore don´t have to reinvent the wheel: they only need to integrate and communicate together.

There are different types of APIs, for (web) applications, software libraries and operating systems. They all consist of a code and can be used for different purposes. Without realizing it, the programs we use every day often already use an API.

Some examples:

  • The integration of navigation software within a social media platform, to provide a location;
  •  Weather station data, such as weather forecasts, can be integrated into a news channel's website;
  • A spelling checker can check the content on a website. In this way, website builders no longer have to build this application themselves.

“With the use of an API, different software systems are able to communicate and share data”

How does an API work?

The API therefore ensures that systems, that don’t “speak the same language”, can communicate with each other. A simple comparison: if two people (interfaces) can’t communicate with each other, an interpreter (API) can offer the solution. Both persons then don’t need to have each other's knowledge (knowledge of the other language), because the interpreter provides the correct information. The intermediary processes and translates and ensures that people can exchange data with each other.

This also applies to software programs: the API provides a code, which gives access to the information / functionality. So the developers of both programs don't need to know exactly how the other program works. What happens in this case is that the missing information from one system can be found in the other system through the API intermediary.


The advantages of an API

Using an API has many advantages, depending on the type of integration. If we look at the integrations between SmartLockr and various systems, such as ERP and EPD systems, then:

  • Systems work together efficiently, whereby both systems can read data. This ensures that the data is always up to date;
  • New business models and collaborations are established faster;
  • This saves a lot of time and money. Developers don’t have to start again when writing code: this improves internal processes and increases the efficiency with which they can work.

Secure email with the SmartLockr API

SmartLockr has built an API that enables secured files and messages. This means that systems that also want a secure e-mail feature can use the SmartLockr API. In other words: you don’t have to build your own secure e-mail module: the API makes it possible to integrate the functions of SmartLockr within your own application.

API SmartLockr

APIs can serve different purposes. The SmartLockr API enables secure mailing. You can, for example:

  • Create channels with public files
  • Create channels with secured files
  • Create secure message channels with / without files
  • Create upload requests
  • Add a message to a channel
  • Attach a file to a message
  • Retrieve messages in a channel
  • Retrieve files in a message
  • Retrieve content policies
  • Retrieve Completed Upload Requests (Webhook)

SmartLockr has established some integrations, some examples:


Khonraad is a chain architecture used by more than 99% of the municipalities in the Netherlands. In addition to the communication that takes place within this chain, municipalities mainly use email to communicate with people outside the chain. These communication flows must also be established securely: SmartLockr's secure email solution, that integrates with Khonraad offers the solution. As a result, municipalities will communicate securely within the chain, as well as outside the chain, using the API.


Workspace 365

With Workspace 365, users will have all applications, information, intranet and document storage in one digital workplace. The integration with SmartLockr ensures that communication from this workplace is now also secure. The functionalities for secure e-mail can therefore be found in this digital workplace. So whether you are working at the office or at home: secure e-mail will now be part of your daily activities.

workspace 365


With a focus on Integrated Risk, Security and Privacy Management, Wrangu has a solution to keep your organization’s data secure. This service provides you with insights into the safety risks and knows how to anticipate to them. Our platform covers the secure communication part and decreases the risk of data leaks caused by e-mail.


"We were happy to have SmartLockr as a partner, because they ensure organizations to be compliant with laws and regulations, and also automatically send emails and share documents more securely without interruption."
- Erik Nicolai, CEO & founder of  Workspace 365.


Our Difference

If you choose SmartLockr, you choose safety and convenience. We make the difference by:


Communicate securely without disrupting your and your employees' work processes. Our solution is very user-friendly, which means that it is actually used.

Increasing awareness

If you, as a user, are more aware of what you are doing, the chance of an error is reduced. This can prevent data from being sent to the wrong person.

Comply with regulations

With the use of SmartLockr, you comply with regulations, like the GDPR. This means that you always work according to the applicable standards, without having to take extra measures.

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