SmartLockr - Feb 10, 2020

Feature Friday: Block a sent email

Feature Friday: Block a sent email

To keep you informed of all developments, we share a new or updated feature every Friday in our "Feature Friday".

Today: blocking the attachments, after sending the message. Sharing documents is simple and fast. You prepare an e-mail, select the recipient (s) and attachment (s) and the e-mail has been sent. Unfortunately it can also go wrong quickly in this volatility.

  • What if you find out after sending that you have sent the wrong files?
  • Or the right files, but to the wrong person?

In other words: what consequences would it have for you if you accidentally send files to someone who should not be allowed to view them?


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Lack of awareness

An incorrectly sent e-mail can have major consequences. 
A municipality recently made the news after it became apparent that sensitive data had been sent to a wrong e-mail address. An unsuccessful attempt was made to have the files sent deleted. This means that due to a human error several people have become victims of the lack of awareness when sending the e-mail. Not exactly a situation that you as a municipality are waiting for.

Processing sensitive data in the right way starts with awareness .

  • Have the correct files been selected? Does the message go to the right recipient?
  • Are you sure you share the right information with the right person?
  • With three times yes nothing could go wrong anymore. 

However? Unfortunately, an accident is in a small corner - and we all know that. If something still slipped in between, we also have a solution for that.

Everything about securely sharing files and preventing data breaches.


Block attachments after shipment with SmartLokr

Outlook offers the option to recall an e-mail after sending but in many cases, it doesn’t work. For example, it is not possible to recall the e-mail if the recipient is not using Outlook or if the e-mail has been placed in another folder. With SmartLockr the end user can always make a sent e-mail inaccessible no matter which email system the recipient is using or in which folder it has been saved. In this way you always remain in control of the data that is leaving your organisation.


Block attachments after shipment with SmartLockr 

Withdraw sent mail - Options

If it appears that you have sent information to the wrong person by mistake, you have the following options:


1. Receiver blocking

Whether you send an e-mail to multiple recipients or just one: it is possible that there is a wrong e-mail address. With one push of a button you can block the desired recipients, simply and quickly.


2. Block attachment

Have the correct recipients been selected, but is there an attachment between them that one or more recipients are not allowed to view? Then you can block the specific attachments.


3. Block entire message

If it appears that the entire message was sent incorrectly, you can block it in its entirety. This blocks both all recipients and all attachments. Of course, time still plays a role here. If the recipient has read your message and downloaded the attachments, then blocking must be after the meal. But SmartLockr reduces the chance of a data breach considerably. By responding to awareness and allowing blocking afterwards, secure communication is made easier for you as a user.

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