Feature Friday: Confirmation on files and recipients simply explained

Feature Friday: Confirmation on files and recipients simply explained

In this series, we will highlight one of our features every Friday. Our Intelligent Data Protection Platform consists of powerful features, which ensure that you can communicate in a user-friendly and secure way. With these blogs we will show how these features work. Explained simple, short and to the point!

Today we will highlight the confirmation on files and recipients.


Why errors are made quickly

Most data leaks are caused by human error. We've said it before and will continue to do so.

Sending information to the wrong recipient turned out to be the biggest cause of data leaks in 2019. In 67% of all cases, information was shared with the wrong recipient.

And that can be for various reasons: fatigue or just sloppy work. That doesn’t have to be a problem when it comes to sending congratulations to a colleague, for example. But, of course, it will be a different story when it comes to sensitive information. Data that should not be viewed by everyone.

While int won’t be the intention to share information with the wrong recipients, it still happens too often. What the reason is exactly, we always see one factor recurring: the lack of awareness. It is therefore important to respond to this in order to avoid making these errors.


How an extra check could increase awareness

Since we can’t do the action for the users, we help by giving the user the best tools. In this way, the chance of an error can be minimized.

An example:
You’d like to send your colleague Peter a customer file. You compose the e-mail, select your file, and you type Peter in the to-field. You select the first Peter and send your mail. A few minutes later you receive a response to this message: it is not from your colleague Peter, but from a business relation, Peter, to whom you have emailed the file. Oops!


Check on files, recipients-1

SmartLockr therefore has a feature that requires both files and recipients to be confirmed, before the message can be sent. The advantages?

  •  The user will be aware that (sensitive) data will be shared;

  • If an incorrect file has been selected, this can still be noticed during this check. You need to check and confirm all attached files;

  • The same goes for the recipients. Did something go wrong with autofill or did you simply enter the wrong e-mail address? If so, you will discover that here.


Errors are made quickly. That is why SmartLockr helps to prevent the risk of data leaks: that is our mission.


Curious how that exactly looks like? Take a look at our video and discover it yourself:

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