Recall emails to protect data: Block sent emails, files and recipients

Recall emails to protect data: Block sent emails, files and recipients

SmartLockr: that’s one platform, with different features. In this series, we will highlight one every Friday and show how secure and user-friendly email looks like. We’ll explain it briefly, in less than 500 words.

Today we have blocking sent emails. Discover how that exactly works!


Why do we say that a mistake can happen quickly?

Sending an email (and, sharing documents) is simple: you compose your message, select the recipient(s) and file(s) and you’re done! But,

  • What if you find out that you have sent the wrong files?
  • Or the right files, but to the wrong recipient(s)? 

An example: 
You would like to share a file of customer X with your colleague Maria. You compose an email, select the file and send the message. But then it turns out that the email has been sent to another Maria: it’s one of your customers, instead of your colleague.

Did you know that the biggest cause of data leaks in Europe is human error? And that means sending confidential information to the wrong person. And, unfortunately, this happens more often than we might realize. That's why it is not strange that one of the most common questions is: "Oops I sent an email to the wrong recipient, what now?

Secure emailing, therefore, requires more and increasing awareness is a good starting point. Find here 5 tips that will help you limit the change of human error. 


Recall emails and keep your data safe


How to recall emails in Outlook:

Outlook offers the option to recall an email, but doesn’t always work perfectly. For example, it is not possible in Outlook to withdraw a message if the recipient is not using Outlook or if the email has been moved to another folder.

  1. Go to your Sent Items folder and double-click the message you want to recall
  2. Select the "Message" tab of the email message window
  3. Click the "Actions" drop-drown and select "Recall This Message"

SmartLockr's feature allows you to easily block emails to prevent data leaks:

Below are SmartLockr’s feature advantages:

  • Sent emails remain in the sent items folder, so you can easily get back to everything you’ve sent.

  • Blocking emails also works if the recipient doesn’t use Outlook or if the message has been moved to another folder.


Block-1 (2)

There are 3 different ways how you can block incorrectly sent information with SmartLockr. This can be done by:


1. Blocking the recipient(s)

With just one click, you can block the desired recipient(s). In a handy overview you can see who the message was sent to. From there you can select which recipient(s) needs to be blocked.

2. Blocking (a) file(s)

Did you select the correct recipients, but were incorrect files attached to the email? In that case you can block file(s). You can choose to block the file for everyone or just some recipients. This has the advantage that you keep control over who may or may not see the files. This also saves you a lot of time: you don’t have to block everyone, just to send the correct file(s) again.

3. Blocking the entire email

If it appears that the entire message has been sent incorrectly, you can completely block it. This blocks all recipients as well as all files. And that saves a lot of inconvenience!

A mistake is made easily. That’s why SmartLockr has the right features to prevent data leaks: that’s our mission.


How blocking exactly looks like, you’ll see in the vide below:

FF Tracking and blocking EN


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