This is how Van Kempen Groep prevents data breaches

This is how Van Kempen Groep prevents data breaches

Van Kempen Groep (VKG) provides administrative services for over half of all Dutch insurance providers, offering them access to the financial market in its entirety. They strive to be customer focused and efficient, energising the market with personal attention and in-depth knowledge of insurances, coupled with smart digital tools. 


"Communication is our core business”

Martijn Bolding, Automation Consultant at VKG, tells us about the communication processes at VKG: "We use Extranet, which is a software solution that automates a lot of communication processes. Internally we use CCS and of course we use email and phone. We're always reachable and communication lies at our core."


The need for safety

When communication is a cornerstone of an organisation, safety and security by extension are vital. That's why Bolding initiated the Safe Emailing project: "We've had a few instances of data breaches, where files accidentally landed with the wrong person. Usually it's a human error or a lack of awareness that causes it. They're relatively rare and ostensibly small occurences that can have major consequences, particularly in the insurance industry. This is precisely the type of thing we want to protect our customers and employees from. That's why we started looking for a solution that would enable users of all kinds to prevent data breaches."

“SmartLockr voldoet aan de eisen”

Choosing an email solution doesn't happen overnight, as you want to make sure you're choosing something that aligns with your company. As Bolding puts it: "An IT department is expected to protect employees from mistakes that lead to data leaks. So the more errors you can prevent from happening, the better, for instance by ensuring that a file is sent securely when this is called for. As an IT department we were drawn to a solution that helped us out with the human factor. SmartLockr checked all the boxes."


“Why SmartLockr?” Because it actually prevents data breaches and enables us to send and receive large files.”


Adapation by end users

Whenever you implement a new product or service among your employees, the question at the end of the day is to what extent they want to work with it. "This is not always clear at the onset, especially now that working from home is gaining ground. However I didn't encounter any resistance, I suppose because SmartLockr is a user friendly solution that doesn't impose on people's everyday job.

I'm particularly pleased to be able to use 2FA on sensitive files, something that's being used a lot, especially in communication with our distributors, where data security is essential. 2FA makes this both easy and safe.

Although I hardly hear anyone about SmartLockr, whenever I check the admin portal I see that people are constantly using it. I think this goes to show we struck the right balance between safety and user frienliness."


"One of the smoothest projects I've ever experienced"

“If you'd ask me to grade SmartLockr, I'd give it a 9 out of 10. If you'll allow me to give some advice: I'd like to be kept in the loop on all developments concerning data security.
Other than that it's been one of the smoothest projects I've ever experienced!"

“One of the smoothes projects ever.
I'd grade SmartLockr a 9 out of 10."


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