5 Tips to prevent data breaches

5 Tips to prevent data breaches

Data breaches are still on the rise. The Dutch Data Protection Authority announced that in 2019, 14% more data breaches were reported than the year before. Luckily, there are ways to prevent a potential chance of a data breach.

How? With these five tips:

tips to prevent data breaches


5 Tips to Prevent Data Leaks


Increase awareness

Most data leaks (63%) are caused by human errors. By raising awareness among your employees - and highlighting the importance of safe work processes - sensitive data can be handled appropriately.


Encryption and data backup

It is important to properly protect all your sensitive data. With end-to-end encryption you keep unauthorized persons out of your data: only the authorized person can access the data with the correct key to encrypt.

Ensure the correct data storage that is in line with the GDPR: choose a data center that keeps all data within the EU.


Avoid public networks

Want to work on the network of that nice coffee shop or the guest network of a customer? Rather not. Public networks are not secure, and logging into such a network could mean unauthorized access to your device.


Choose the right email solution

E-mail remains one of the most popular means of communication for business communication. By properly encrypting your email, you can prevent privacy-sensitive data from being shared with the wrong people. An additional check on recipients and attachments before sending or a BCC notification to multiple email recipients can help with this.


Do not allow employees to install their own software

Leave the installation of software to the administrator within the organization. If every employee would install their own software, there is a good chance that this will also put unsafe software on the device. This runs the risk that unauthorized persons can access your data.


To stay informed

Do you want to stay informed about all the news about data security? Then keep an eye on our blogs - we will be happy to let you know which developments there are and which ones are coming! Or, read more about secure email.


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