Feature Friday: Web Portal

Feature Friday: Web Portal

To keep you informed of all developments, we share a new or updated feature every Friday in our "Feature Friday". This Friday: the web portal. With this function you can receive files easily and securely. Are you curious how? Then read on, we will explain it to you.

Receiving confidential information from your external contacts has never been easier.


SmartLockr lets you securely email and share files , try SmartLockr now! 


Receive and Send files securely with a web portal

Many files are sent every day. Often this is done by email, to a general address. Or if it concerns large and large files that do not support the e-mail client, services such as Dropbox and WeTransfer are sometimes chosen. This often seems to offer the outcome, but it is not a safe way of working. These files can be intercepted without additional security measures, such as end-to-end encryption. And that is not the intention. Consider how that would be for your organization if customer data or sensitive business information fell into the wrong hands. In addition, incorrectly entering the recipient's e-mail address can cause the files to end up with the wrong person.

To prevent these problems, a web portal can offer a solution. A web portal is a portal where people can easily and securely send files. SmartLockr has developed a web portal where unsafe services are a thing of the past. You can receive files easily, quickly and in a user-friendly manner.


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Why organizations choose the SmartLockr web portal

When you receive as well as send many privacy sensitive files, SmartLockr has the solution. You retain control over the stream of incoming documents for example, copies of IDs, contracts, financial details and bank statements. You decide how you want to receive the files and in what format. This way you can avoid receiving personal data from unsafe services.
The web portal in our new version has been expanded and improved. Securely receiving files is already possible in the current version, but now has even more advantages. This is why 600+ organizations choose the SmartLockr web portal:

  • Unsafe services can be eliminated from existing work processes;

  • The web portal can easily be integrated into the website, or as a link in the e-mail signature. By making the web portal easily accessible, people can send files at any time.

  • The web portal can be set up in your own style in order to implement the organization's own look and feel.

  • The sender does not have to enter the recipient's e-mail address. Instead, the recipient selects to which department the files should be sent. In this way mistakes can no longer be made when entering an e-mail address.

  • As an admin, file specifications can be selected in the administrator portal and multiple portals can be created. As an organization you can indicate which file types you wish to receive and what the max. format may be. 

  • It is also possible to indicate who may receive and download the files within the selected department. In addition, it can be indicated who should be informed of the files that have arrived. This way the files always end up with the right people / department.


Convenience for the uploader

By pre-filtering which files can be uploaded and which department / people can receive them, sending files becomes more user-friendly. As a sender, no e-mail address needs to be added, which means that sending to the wrong person is excluded.

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