Secure email for municipalities

Email is still a widely used method for exchanging sensitive data. But, do you know what exactly is involved when it comes to communicating securely?

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secure email for municipalities

Why communicate securely?

Municipalities and citizens are increasingly communicating digitally and sharing a lot of information. This data is often sensitive data such as social security numbers and name and address data. However, such data, that says something about the health of a citizen, is often exchanged by e-mail. In short: you, the municipality and the public do not want this information to fall into the wrong hands.

Regulations for municipalities

As a municipality, you must take the following regulations into account:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR was adopted on 14 April 2016, and became enforceable beginning 25 May 2018. This law obliges organizations within Europe to process and protect personal data correctly. In practice, this means that people whose data are stored, processed and shared now have more rights.

Most data breaches in municipalities

Wherever communication is not secure, the chance of a data breach is always present. And the figures from the Dutch Data Protection Authority also show that:

  • 11,906 data breaches were reported in 2019;
  • 63% of all data breaches are caused by human errors, where
  • the biggest type of data breach is sending data to the wrong person.
secure email for municipalities

How does SmartLockr help your municipality?

secure email with Smartlockr
  •   You comply with the regulations of the GDPR;
  •   You already reduce the chance of a data breach by 97%;
  •   You can share large files easily and securely without the use of unsafe services such as Dropbox and WeTranfser, and
  •   You save a lot of time and costs. Your employees do not have to protect every e-mail separately: we take care of the security process for you.

Our Difference

SmartLockr responds to three pillars that are important for secure communications:


Communicate securely without disrupting your and your employees' work processes. Our solution is very user-friendly, which means that it is actually used.

Increasing awareness

If you, as a user, are more aware of what you are doing, the chance of an error is reduced. This can prevent data from being sent to the wrong person.

Comply with regulations

With the use of SmartLockr, you comply with regulations, like the GDPR. This means that you always work according to the applicable standards, without having to take extra measures.

Start securing your emails and prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

With SmartLockr you reduce the chance of a data breach by 97%. This way both your office and your clients run the least possible risk.

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What our customers say


“We were looking for a secure solution that was easy to implement in our organization. SmartLockr Secure Mail offers this, so the choice was easy. It has been introduced silently into our organization. "

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"SmartLockr Secure Mailing is an adequate solution that enables us to send (privacy) sensitive or confidential data of clients in an easy, professional and secure way."