Email security that makes data breaches a worry of the past

Turn your employees into your strongest cyber security asset. Make every user become a champion in the fight against data breaches

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data breaches were reported in Ireland in 2020 (DLA Piper)

Negligent employees

are Irish companies' biggest threat (National Data Protection Survey)

That is 6.615 reasons to invest in data protection. And it doesn’t even address the reputational damages or the hardship data breaches cause individuals.

Cyber security however comes in all shapes and sizes, and more often than not security solutions merely add complexity to a problem that requires the exact opposite.

To prevent data breaches, we focus on what actually causes them: human error

  • Accidentally sending an email to the wrong person
  • Sending the incorrect attachment
  • Confusing cc for bcc

Data security can therefore only be effective if it empowers end users with a solution that actually prevents human error and increases adoption of best practices.

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You get bombarded by data breaches in the media. If you can give the users a solution, that just gives you a good feeling. [...] We only get positive reactions. SmartLockr is much easier to use and everything is extremely clear.
Stanley Gemeente Zeist

Ask yourself: do all the people you work with know what zero knowledge end-to-end encryption, one-factor or two-factor authentication are? And do you see them using these when sending data?

At SmartLockr, we have all the technical expertise to thwart cyber crime in our sleep. The reason our customers actually sleep at night is because tech’s merely a tool. Our product is to make secure communication so easy, everyone who’s ever sent an email can use it to secure their data.


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Easily share large files and email securely. From anywhere, anytime, on any device

SmartLockr neatly integrates into your Outlook, OWA and Gmail experience, on your tablet, phone and mobile.

Encrypt your data from start to finish. Zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption prevents unauthorised access to your data.

You can email as you’re used to, without any separate apps or confusing interfaces;

You focus 100% on your job, while we focus on guarding your privacy.

Take human error out of the equation, increase awareness and make your employees your strongest security asset

Our Machine Learning technology alerts users before they send anything that could be sensitive.

Sensitive data detected? The SmartLockr plug-in kicks into action and applies the right security to any email and its attachment(s).

We make sure files and recipients are doublechecked and confirmed before sending.

Users can easily track and recall sent emails, files and recipients after sending.

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Our customers sleep because SmartLockr never does

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You often see people underestimating the risks of data breaches, while overestimating the complexity of implementing SmartLockr. My advice would be to really consider the risks you're taking and how easy it is to take the necessary security measures, especially with SmartLockr by your side.
Erwin Wilschut Partou

Comply with regulations,
with minimal effort

GDPR mail

Preventing data breaches doesn’t just protect your employees, your customers or your reputation. It also prevents you from paying hefty fines.

Staying ahead of the curve means being compliant with any and all regulations pertaining to privacy. Naturally, SmartLockr allows you to become an industry leader, letting you show the world that privacy law, data protection and running an organisation can in fact be easy.

Discover with a free demo how easy secure communication can be, and how you can escort the threat of data breaches to the past. 

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