New European privacy law: the GDPR

The European Parliament has adopted a new privacy law since May 2018, the GDPR. This means that the same legislation applies in all European countries when it comes to securing personal data. You can read what this means exactly here.

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What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an European regulation. In the Netherlands, the GDPR replaces the Personal Data Protection Act.

With the GDPR Privacy Act, it has become mandatory for companies to keep a close eye on the security of their e-mail traffic. You must ensure that the personal details of your staff, but also those of your customers, always remain completely secure.

The GDPR brings these 3 changes

  1. Big fines
  2. More responsibilities for organizations
  3. Right to be forgotten
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Anyone who does not properly protect personal data, and therefore does not comply with the new legislation, can count on a hefty fine. Privacy authorities may impose a fine on organizations of up to 4% of the turnover. Consider, for example, violations such as the non-secure storage of personal data, as a result of which sensitive data may leak.


Organizations are obliged to regularly examine their own (work) processes. This means that organizations that process a lot of privacy-sensitive data must minimize risks within this process. It is therefore important to properly monitor all processes. Larger organizations must also appoint a Chief Privacy Officer, in other words: there must be someone in the company who supervises compliance with the policy.



The last, and perhaps biggest, change is that citizens "have the right to be forgotten." This means that European citizens have the right to have results removed from the search engines under certain conditions. Personal data may then no longer be saved, which was the case in the past. This gives citizens more rights and determines which party can and cannot share personal information online. This includes all companies, from tech giants such as Facebook and Google, to local dentists and the municipal archive.

GDPR and SmartLockr

At SmartLockr we have developed a solution that fully complies with the GDPR guidelines.


According to the GDPR, you must see email as a necessity. You have probably heard of data breaches and information from confidential e-mails that end up in the wrong place. We have developed our SmartLockr Secure Mailing package to prevent this in a simple way.

Our service works as a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. So nothing really changes when you send an email to another company. However, the information that you send will be encrypted once more by us. You also have more control over the attachments you send, even if you have already sent them.

With SmartLockr you exchange information securely with customers and relations, all from your own trusted Outlook environment. It is a simple way to ensure that information never ends up in the wrong hands.



Prevent Data Leaks with SmartLockr

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