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Integrations with SmartLockr make your work processes a lot safer. Now, everything in one place.

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Secure mailing can be easy.
No hassle, with the SmartLockr API and SMTP Relay Service

Safe emailing in a network of systems and applications: how simple and user-friendly can this be? Anyone who thinks about secure emailing may envision complicated systems that even the most tech-savvy employee cannot handle. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

SmartLockr's secure platform enables integrations through the SMTP Relay Service and API. This means that you can easily integrate with existing systems. For example, you can easily integrate with EPD or DMS, CRM systems, so that your secure e-mails are linked to your existing work processes.

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SmartLockr SMTP Relay Service and API

What are your advantages of an integration?

  • NTA 7516 Compliancy (in The Netherlands), so your customer base will also be compliant with this standard
  • Work can be done safely at any location, regardless of the device
  • Without an Outlook application, users can also email securely from the browser
  • Messages are always sent with proper security
  • Links with, for example, EPD or DMS, CRM systems are made possible.
    This way your customers will always work safely, without disrupting the work processes.