Add the best data security to your portfolio

As a SmartLockr partner you can use our proven way of preventing data breaches to grow your business, empowering your customers to enjoy easy and safe emailing anytime, anywhere, from any device. Win-win-win!


Your business your customers + SmartLockr =


With ​​a product that's GDPR, Wvggz and NTA 7516 compliant, you're the answer to your customers' questions.

We know cybersecurity. You know your industry. Congratulations, you are now an industry leader in cybersecurity.

As a SmartLockr partner you're guaranteed a front row seat to all cybersecurity developments, being the first to know the latest.

Did we mention growth?
SmartLockr makes life easy. Imagine how you can make your customers' lives easy with an email solution that anyone can use in a heartbeat. 

Choose the partner model that suits you

With SmartLockr you have two options. You can choose to become an Reselling or Integration partner.  

reselling partner SmartLockr

Reselling Partner

Add data security to your portfolio, either as a Committed Reselling Partner or as a Flexible Reselling Partner.


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Integration partner SmarTLockr

Integration Partner

You can easily provide your customer base with secure mailing and all the functionalities that go with it, by integrating with our SMTP Relay Service or API.


Become an integration partner

Committed and Flexible Reselling Partnerships

Committed Reselling Partner

Perfect for anyone who wants to become an industry leader in the field of cyber security. Neatly integrate the SmartLockr solution into your portfolio, while we provide you with all the necessary tools and support.


  • Up to 40% discount on the licenses your purchase on behalf of your customers
  • We give you everything necessary to implement SmartLockr with your customers. We even help you with the first three implementations, so you become the expert.
  • Extra promotion from SmartLockr for your organisation
  • Free access to our knowledge base
  • Regular training and courses
  • Sales & Marketing support


  • Minimum of 50 ongoing licenses every month
  • You provide first-line support

Become a committed partner

Flexible Reselling Partner

Offer SmartLockr whenever it suits you. You enjoy full flexibility and can count on the necessary tools and support from our partner TST ICT distribution!

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Your customers enjoy the best data protection, while you get full flexibility in the number of licenses you sell. Thanks to TST ICT Distribution, both you and your customers get the right support, tailored to your needs.


Become a flexible partner

Integration Partner

SmartLockr has developed two options: the SMTP Relay Service and the API (Application Programming Interface). In both cases, secure mailing is made possible in a simple way. Here are the biggest differences:

SMTP Relay Service

  • Simple and fast implementation
  • Instantly NTA 7516 Compliant
  • Any device can be connected
  • No SmartLockr interface, so safety features are enabled after sending (but before delivery)
  • The mail server must be connected


Become an integration partner


  • Integrations with third parties are possible, such as with EHR systems
  • Direct interaction, allowing more control
  • Implementation takes time, because developers are needed for the coding

Become an integration partner

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