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SmartLockr is a solution for secure communication. Our Intelligent Data Protection Platform helps organizations to communicate securely and ensures that files with privacy-sensitive information can be exchanged securely.

Become a partner by choosing one of our partner programs and help create a safe working environment for organizations.

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Some benefits of a partnership

Grow your own business by selling a product that helps organizations to work GDPR compliant.

Position your organization within your market as an authority in the field of secure communication. Also comply with the safety requirements.

Get access to our knowledge base and stay up-to-date on developments regarding all regulations for secure communication.

Our reselling programs

Referral Partner

Sell the product on demand from the market.


20% kickback fee on contract value

We manage the customer, you receive the kickback fee


No conditions

Become a Referral Partner

Specialist Partner

Take advantage of special prices and discounts on large deals.


20% discount on the suggested retail price

We invoice you, you invoice the customer

Special prices and discounts on large deals

Support from SmartLockr


No conditions

Become a Specialist Partner

Expert Partner

Go for the complete program and make it part of your business. You sell, we deliver the tools.


40% discount on the suggested retail price

Minimum billing of 1000 EUR per month

500 free SILVER licenses

1 invoice per month for all your customers

White labeling

Free internal use of SmartLockr

Free demo account

Advertising for your organization

Leads can be supplied

Our sales team keeps aloof from your leads

Access to our Partner portal and Knowledge base


Incl. Partnership Manager

Your feature request is given priority

Sales & Marketing support


Put together a GTM plan with your Partnership Manager

Purchases on a regular basis

Become an Expert Partner

A selection of our partners

Arcus IT
Brisk ICT

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