smartLockr pricing

SmartLockr Pricing

Flexible prices for everything you need to communicate securely. With SmartLockr you work GDPR compliant.

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Are you an organization with <25 employees?

Then our partner Becs IT will be happy to help you fight data leaks!! 

We think it is important that organizations of your size also receive the right attention. That is why we work with Becs IT, because they ensure that you are ready to communicate securely in no time. This way you have all the benefits of SmartLockr, with the best customer experience from Becs IT.


Choose a plan that is right for your company

In the overview below you will find the different packages that we offer:

→ SmartLockr uses special prices for healthcare, education and non-profit organizations. ←

All emails remain in their own email environment
Clear administrator portal
Selecting groups / persons
Upload request to receive files securely
Set file types & sizes
Download conversations
User management from the secure channels
Import phone numbers
Tracking and blocking emails
Real time logs
Excluding domains
Secure email, share and upload request from Outlook
Import users in bulk
Multiple (upload) portals
Implement your own branding
Create unlimited document types
Single Sign-on
Custom portals with your own domain name
Custom domain (ex.
Send emails from your own domain name
Comply with regulations and data security
Multifactor authentication
Zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption
ISO 27001:2013
AVG, NTA 7516 and Wvggz compliant
10 GB Secure Cloud Storage per user
Error reporting
Outlook Web Add-in
API for 3rd party integrations
SMTP Relay Service integration for secure transmission
SSO o.b.v. Azure AD or ADFS
Synchronization with Azure Active Directory / Office 365
Display of notifications by machine learning
Checking recipients and attachments before sending
Tracking + blocking recipients, attachments and emails
Response time within
1 working day
4 working hours
4 working hours
Help via
Online help cent & email
Online help center, email & phone
Online help center, email & phone
Support Portal
Also including:
Plug and play solution
Clear licensing model
Calls within secure channels
Easy management and use
Incl unlimited email and SMS
Uptime guarantee 99.95%
Support during installation

* min. of 25 licenses

SmartLockr Onboarding:
We are happy to help your organization with the start up

We advise you to purchase licenses for 100% of the organization. By doing so, safe communication will be guaranteed and privacy-sensitive information can be shared safely. 

In addition, we will:

  •  Activate SmartLockr in the Cloud;
  • map the needs of your organizations, regarding the use of SmartLockr;
  • adjust the SmartLockr settings to these needs, and
  • provide you with all the information you need to get started optimally.
SmartLockr training and onboarding

Get the most out of SmartLockr with our add-ons

We offer you the following optional services:

  •  SmartLockr online product training;
  •  SmartLockr product training;
  •  SmartLockr adoption (product training and full onboarding on location)

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Frequently asked questions, answered

That depends entirely on the package chosen. In all cases you always send e-mail completely securely from Outlook, but for example you have more options with the Platinum package than with Silver.

If you want to purchase more licenses, it is best to contact our sales team. You can best do this by calling +31 (0) 20 244 03 50 , one if our friendly colleagues will be able to help you.

Choosing a package depends on the needs of your organization. 

  • Do you only want to mail securely from Outlook? Then our Silver package offers the solution. 
  • Do you want to design the product according to the wishes of your organization, for example by implementing your own house style? Then the Gold and Platinum package are better for your needs.

SmartLockr uses special prices for healthcare, education and non-profit organizations. Ask our sales team about it.

The number of licenses that you purchase is up to you, but we recommend that you purchase licenses for 100% of the organization. In this way you minimize the risk of data breaches. 

Do you want to prevent data leaks effectively? You can do that easily with all the benefits of SmartLockr.


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Are you an organization with <25 employees?
Then our partner Becs IT will contact you after you have completed the form.


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What our customers say


“We were looking for a secure solution that was easy to implement in our organization. SmartLockr Secure Mail offers this, so the choice was easy. It has been introduced silently into our organization. "

De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen
"SmartLockr Secure Mailing is an adequate solution that enables us to send (privacy) sensitive or confidential data of clients in an easy, professional and secure way."