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WHY SmartLockr

Make secure communication possible with SmartLockr

SmartLockr is the safe and most user-friendly solution for exchanging (privacy-sensitive) data. By combining powerful functionalities and integrations, we create a complete platform: the SmartLockr Intelligent Data Protection platform.

The focus is on awareness and user-friendliness - the pillars that will make the difference in secure communication.

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Prevent data breaches

"The biggest cause of data breaches? That is the human error, where (privacy sensitive) data is sent to the wrong person."

- The Dutch Data Protection Authority

Reported data breaches in the first half of 2019
stijging datalekken
is the expected increased in 2019
menselijke fout
of the data breaches is caused by sending data to the wrong person

Our plug-and-play solution reduces the chance of a data breach by 97%

Preventing data breaches is a current topic, we have a simple and safe solution for that. Our plug-and-play solution encrypts emails and uses zero-knowledge. Your emails are sent securely, with only the authenticated recipient having access to the message. Have any messages been sent to the wrong person? You can still block files, recipients and the entire message even after sending.

veilig mailen

Secure emailing is the standard

Sending and receiving emails securely is not an option but a necessity. With the right technical measures this is possible and you can always continue to communicate securely. SmartLockr makes secure emailing possible for all organizations, both via the Outlook plug-in and also the Web Add-in.


veilig delen

Send and receive (large) files securely

Safety risks can be attached to this if no additional measures have been taken. With SmartLockr you can send (large) files safely and easily, without the use of unsafe services.

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What makes SmartLockr unique

Smart application of technology gives us the opportunity to offer your organization a secure environment.
Secure communication will always be the focus. Our platform cleverly responds to the main cause of data breaches: sending data to the wrong recipient. Due to a lack of awareness when sending, mistakes are unfortunately still made too much, with a data breach as a possible consequence.  

We are happy to help organizations with secure communication. We make this possible by responding to three important pillars:


Communicate securely without disrupting your and your employees' work processes. Our solution is very user-friendly, which means that it is actually used.

Increasing awareness

If you, as a user, are more aware of what you are doing, the chance of an error is reduced. This can prevent data from being sent to the wrong person.

Comply with regulations

With the use of SmartLockr, you comply with regulations, like the GDPR. This means that you always work according to the applicable standards, without having to take extra measures.

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Multiple functionalities, one solution

Our goal is clear: to prevent data breaches. We have the solution for you, so you can continue to work safely
.How we do this? With the following functionalities:  

Outlook Add-in

Outlook Add-in

Secure mailing from your Outlook environment is made possible by our plug-and-play solution. You continue working as usual, but with requirements that GDPR organizations require.

Outlook Web Add-in

Outlook Web Add-in

SmartLockr also works from the browser, with the Outlook Web Add - especially for Outlook Web Access. Our solution can therefore also be used for Mac users.

Secure Communication Portals

Communication Portals

Files can be retrieved securely via communication portals. By using multiple portals, you have a better overview of the flow of incoming files.



Do you want to receive files securely? Send an upload request and let the recipient send you the correct files (incl. Correct document types and sizes).

Administrator portal

Administrator Portal

Content filters, communication portals and standard messages can be created in this portal, among other things.

Extensive branding options

Extensive branding options

The branding options make it possible for you to implement your complete corporate identity. You can adjust fonts, primary & secondary colors, background images and logos.



The use of an API provides links with various systems, such as DMS, ERP and CRM systems. This makes integration with SmartLockr easier.

Smart Filtering by Machine Learning

Smart Filtering

With the use of Machine Learning, data breaches can be preventively prevented. By applying this technique, we can make our solution smarter and, for example, have deviations recognized.

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption

Encrypting the entire e-mail is important to prevent data leakage. This keeps both files and e-mail content inaccessible to unauthorized persons.

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication

Only a username and password are no longer of this time. Not at all when it comes to protecting sensitive information. Security is strengthened with SMS authentication.



Are you a SmartLockr partner? Then you have many rights, so you can make and implement adjustments by yourself.

Curious about how these functionalities work for your organization?

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