The cryptshare alternative

The Cryptshare alternative

Cryptshare also offers software for secure communication. Yet our solutions differ on a number of points. Which solution works best for you as an organization depends on the needs that exist.

And we at SmartLockr are curious about that. Because if you also find the prevention of data leaks important, then we share the same mission.

We strive for this with a user-friendly and effective solution. In 30 minutes you can watch with one of our specialists how we do this. Then you also know immediately whether we are a match.

A tip of the veil, with SmartLockr you have:

Awareness to prevent human error
The ability to track emails
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What our customers say


“We were looking for a secure solution that was easy to implement in our organization. SmartLockr Secure Mail offers this, so the choice was easy. It has been introduced silently into our organization. "

De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen
"SmartLockr Secure Mailing is an adequate solution that enables us to send (privacy) sensitive or confidential data of clients in an easy, professional and secure way."