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SmartLockr vs Microsoft (Office 365)

Office 365 also offers software for secure communication. Nevertheless, our solution differs on a number of important points, such as:

Microsoft is not NTA 7516 compliant
Microsoft follows the guidelines of the Cloud Act
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smartlockr vs office 365

Microsoft is not NTA 7516 compliant

Unlike SmartLockr, Microsoft does not comply with NTA 7516. This means that you as a healthcare organization or municipality cannot exchange health information in the correct and secure manner.

Microsoft follows the guidelines of the Cloud Act

SmartLockr uses zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption. Under no circumstances do we have access to your data, regardless of where it is stored. With the Cloud Act, your data can be accessed without judicial review, regardless of where your data is stored.

Would you like to know which other solutions SmartLockr has for the secure sharing of (large) files, the transmission of health information according to the regulations or are you curious about our API and SMTP Relay Service ?

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“Wij zochten een veilige oplossing die eenvoudig in onze organisatie te implementeren was. SmartLockr Veilig Mailen biedt dit, dus de keuze was eenvoudig. In onze organisatie is het geruisloos ingevoerd.”

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“SmartLockr Veilig Mailen is een adequate oplossing die ons in staat stelt (privacy) gevoelige of vertrouwelijke gegevens van cliënten op een gemakkelijke, professionele en veilige manier te verzenden.”