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Why standard email is not secure

E-mail remains one of the most used means for business communication. Every day countless messages and files are exchanged, which often also contain privacy-sensitive information. Think of personal health data that goes from a patient to a healthcare organization or financial data from an accountant to a customer.

These are data that nobody wants to fall into the wrong hands. But how big is the chance that this cannot happen again?

The answer is simple:
without the right technical and organizational measures, which are mandatory for the GDPR, this chance is very high.

This means standard e-mail that doesn't take into account all security risks offers no guarantee for secure communication. The time that only a strong password can keep a malicious person outside of your inbox and messages is a thing of the past. Figures from the Dutch Data Protection Authority show that 63% of the data breaches are caused by human errors. Secure e-mail therefore requires more - raising awareness is a good starting point.


What makes email secure?

Secure mailing is needed. Nevertheless, making secure communication by e-mail complicated. There are many dangers between preparing a message, sending and receiving. Consider:

  • how many mistakes can be made when filling in a recipient through auto-fill?
  • How easily can a wrong file be added to an email due to inattention?
  • Or, how much control do you have on an email after it has been sent?

Every user must be able to email securely, without having to think too much about this.

In addition, it is important that solutions are found for common safety problems. Think of e-mails that are sent to wrong recipients and files that can be intercepted en route and are readable by unauthorized persons. To be able to send e-mails securely, there must be functionalities within the e-mail solution that can provide an answer. Only then is it possible to exchange secure e-mails.

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Protect your email effectively with SmartLockr

Secure mailing is not that easy. Because, what should take into account as an organization so you can comply with the regulations? We are happy to help your organization on its way and have a number of points at a glance:

The conscious processing of privacy-sensitive information in an e-mail

Nowadays an e-mail can be created quickly. Auto-fill allows recipients to be easily selected and templates make emails ready for sending. But what if inaccurate (incorrect) information has been processed and subsequently sent?

SmartLockr makes secure communication possible in a simple way. By using Machine Learning, sensitive information can be recognized in messages. As an organization you can set the type of content for which you want to receive notifications. The user is notified of this when the content is processed in a message. This increases awareness during e-mailing.

In addition, the chance of sending privacy sensitive, via an unsafe route reduced.

Het bewust verwerken van privacygevoelige informatie in een e-mail
End to end encyrption

No access to the message between sending and receiving because of end-to-end encryption

Encrypt your messages and make sure that unauthorized persons are denied access. Due to end-to-end encryption, only the authenticated recipient can read the message. This means that the message is unreadable, even if this message is intercepted.

SmartLockr uses zero knowledge for this, whereby we, can not view your e-mails. So you no longer have to worry about unauthorized access to your sensitive information.

Your message will be sent via a secure TLS-connection, which protects the internet connection. Files are sent in a secure way via the internet.

A check on recipients and attachments

Have you written an e-mail? Are all receivers in it and have you added files? Great, then this message can be sent. In the ideal situation, an e-mail would always be well prepared, but unfortunately the reality shows differently.

Did you know that most data leaks are caused by human error and not by external threats? By making users aware of possible pitfalls you can work proactively to avoid data leaks in your organisation. An accident is in a small corner and we know that at SmartLockr. That is why we have built in extra safety.

Before an e-mail is sent, there is an additional check on the recipient (s) and any attachments: you as sender still have to confirm this. By responding to awareness, the chance of sending information to the wrong person can be reduced.

SmartLockr Secure E-mail offers you the right tools to drastically reduce the chance of data leaks. Prevent privacy sensitive information from being sent to the wrong recipient. Verify the attachment and e-mail addresses before sending.


A check on recipients and attachments

Secure mailing in a few simple steps

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Our Difference

If you choose SmartLockr, you opt for safety and convenience. We make the difference by:


Communicate securely without disrupting your and your employees' work processes. Our solution is very user-friendly, which means that it is actually used.

Increasing awareness

If you, as a user, are more aware of what you are doing, the chance of an error is reduced. This can prevent data from being sent to the wrong person.

Comply with regulations

With the use of SmartLockr, you comply with regulations, like the GDPR. This means that you always work according to the applicable standards, without having to take extra measures.

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