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SmartLockr vs Office 365

Both SmartLockr and Microsoft offer a solution for the secure processing, sharing and transmission of data.

This comparison takes into account the different packages that Microsoft offers (AIP1, AIP2, E3, E5 and E5 Compliance package) to achieve a comparable level of information security with SmartLockr.

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SmartLockr vs Microsoft (Office 365).

Quick overview of the main differences:

  • SmartLockr uses zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption. This means that SmartLockr won't be able to access your data, under any circumstance. Microsoft, on the other hand, complies with the CLOUD Act. Because of this, Microsoft has the legal right to access your data (and is not required to ask for permission). Regardless of where the data is stored.

  • SmartLockr has all-in prices, including unlimited SMS and emails. In addition, there are both volume discounts as also discounts for non-profit organizations. This is for the complete platform, without any hidden costs. At Microsoft, either a combination of packages is required to apply a certain level of security. As a result, prices can increase. Or there are more complete packages, which are more expensive..

  • SmartLockr is a user-friendly plug-and-play solution for the admin, the sender, and the recipient. Unlike Microsoft, SmartLockr offers the organization full control and integrated awareness in the email process. Before sending, senders receive various notifications, proper security (1FA or 2FA) can be applied and after sending, recipients, files or the entire email message can be blocked.

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TRIP Advocaten & Notarissen
“Een goed beveiligde IT-omgeving is erg belangrijk bij Trip omdat er met vertrouwelijke gegevens van cliënten wordt gewerkt. SmartLockr biedt ons een goede en veilige methode om bestanden te verzenden.”
De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen
“SmartLockr Veilig Mailen is een adequate oplossing die ons in staat stelt (privacy) gevoelige of vertrouwelijke gegevens van cliënten op een gemakkelijke, professionele en veilige manier te verzenden.”

“Wij zochten een veilige oplossing die eenvoudig in onze organisatie te implementeren was. SmartLockr Veilig Mailen biedt dit, dus de keuze was eenvoudig. In onze organisatie is het geruisloos ingevoerd.”