How email security makes your life as a CISO easier

Make a difference within the organization as a data security specialist. Choose our secure email platform and protect data easily and compliant with applicable regulations such as the GDPR and NTA 7516 (in The Netherlands). Your life has never been easier!

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"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and just minutes of cyber incident to kill it"

- Stephane Nappo

Comply with regulations

Easily comply with privacy regulations within your industry

With the GDPR standards have been introduced that you must meet - depending on the industry. SmartLockr is ISO 27001: 2017, NEN 7510-1: 2017 and NTA 7516 certified: this means you choose the best security for your data.

Opt for innovation, continue to work safely in the future

With SmartLockr you choose an innovative platform. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence help with the changing needs of the market, with accompanying challenges that you as a CISO will face.

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machine learning
Increased awareness

Prevent data leaks easily and effectively

The number of data breaches due to human error continues to rise. In 2019, sending information to the wrong person was the biggest cause of data leaks. Avoid emailing errors and thus a potential data breach.

Protect yourself from these email threats

Convince the management in a simple way

If e-mail risks can be mitigated, this is one stumbling block that you as a data security authority no longer have to worry about. With SmartLockr, the chance of a data breach is already reduced by 97%.

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Chances of data leak

One service, multiple solutions for your security issues.
SmartLockr is ISO 27001: 2017, NEN 7510-1: 2017 and NTA 7516 certified:



NEN Certified

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