Easily protect your organization against the risk of a potential data breach

Keep data breaches out, comply with all regulations and save yourself the financial costs that can be just one of the nasty consequences of a data breach. SmartLockr takes the security piece off your hands so that you can focus on your core business.

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The consequences of a data breach can be annoying.

But do you also know exactly how annoying?

€3,3 million
average costs of a data breach

280 days
average time to discover
a data breach

3x higher
can the costs be when it comes to the loss of login data


What if this could be avoided with the right security?


Plug-and-play smartlockr

Save time and money with one solution

Keep it simple and simple. Don't make email security a hassle, but a more effective way of working. SmartLockr is a plug-and-play solution: easy to implement, manage and monitor.

And remember: the investment in SmartLockr is many times lower than the costs of a data breach.

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With the right investment, the greatest impact

With SmartLockr you invest in a platform, which helps your organization prevent data leaks. Safe and simple, with the focus on the main cause: human error.

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Choose the most effective solution and benefit from it for your business

Email security is a hot topic. Be a leader in your industry when it comes to data security for both your customers and your organization. Choose an innovative solution with SmartLockr that also contributes to the long-term security of your data.

Protect your organization in the future

Easily comply with privacy regulations within your industry

With the GDPR standards have been introduced that you must meet - depending on the industry. SmartLockr is ISO 27001: 2017, NEN 7510-1: 2017 and NTA 7516 certified: this means you choose the best security for your data.

Easily comply with regulations

comply with regulations

Choose the right solution for your organization.
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Start today.

The sooner you start with secure email, the sooner you can protect your company


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